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EOBOT – doesn’t look great but reliable mining.

So I have had an EOBOT account for literally years. Although I’ve not bought much mining from them (hardly anything), it has quietly been sitting there plodding away. I’ve made a huge £1 worth of crypto.

But that’s ok, it’s proven itself. It’s still online after 5 to 6 years, scams barely last more than ten minutes before they disappear from the face of the earth.

With the increase we are seeing in the price of Bitcoin, I can see more people asking the question of wether Bitcoin or other currency mining is a good investment. But, as I always say, when you buy currency you are not investing, you are trading.

One of it’s really interesting features is the diversify option, that allows you to spread your mining over different currencies.

Accounts are free and there is a Free faucet where you can earn money every day.

So it’s worth looking at EOBOT if you are looking for free bitcoins or if you want to invest in some crypto mining.


Visit the website.


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